Personalised birth details ruler - Confetti - Pink

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The arrival of a new baby is definitely something that should be celebrated, and your new arrival deserves a gorgeous piece of artwork to commemorate this.

These rulers are specially cut to the length that your little bub is born at, so it may be one rulers is 47cm, and the next is 51cm. Please note that we can currently only print on rulers up to 53cm, so are unable to customise any for bubs longer than this.

The rulers are cut from 2cm pine, which has been whitewashed and then uv printed with the ruler along the bottom, and all their important information, from the time they arrived, to their weight to where they made the grand arrival. These are designed to sit against a shelf, however due to their lightweight you may be able to add 3M tape to the back to pop it up on the wall.

Personalised birth details ruler - Confetti - Pink

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